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Look into my big, blue, empty eyes
And tell me what you see
A lot of silent pain
And a bunch of misery

Look at me
Don't tell me you can't see
All the scars on my wrists
The tears falling down my cheek

Here I am
Staring at the knife
In my hand
Do I even dare?

Too late now
I'm already dragging
The blade across my skin
What sweet release

Don't try to stop me
It's too late
Can't you tell?
This is my fate!

Not much longer now
Soon I'll be gone
Free from emotion
And free from me

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Great poem that deals with awareness, and a touch of the metaphysical
Being hopeful is what is essential for the drive and the drive keeps love going. Short and sweet. Beautifully worded. Poem deserves it's positioning.
Love is the essence of life And I am on my way to you! ...marvelous
simply lovely. it's beauty is in its delivery of encapsulating the complexity of its essence simply.
good read...sounds something like the very cliched one, Roses are red, violets are blue, and my love for you will always be true.
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