Poem Hunter
TTT (1979-present / San Leandro)


The sun has opened my eyes
and set upon my flesh
which feels warm and full of life
I rise slowly to look out the window
and see the abundance of newly bloomed flowers
There is a title for this day
and that is spring

Wonderful and marvelous spring
only creates smiles
from the depths of this blooming season
Branches are no longer scared to show
what they can grow
Flowers are no longer scared
to open up their eyes
Amusing smells fill up anxious nostrils
we have all been waiting for this
Earth's signature statement that tells us
that there is still life in this planet
and in us

How can one not open their eyes and be amazed
Where else can one's mind wonder
because during this very moment the simple tribulations
that have been created by our human existence
do not exist here
They seem unimportant and meaningless
because now during this fruition it is spring
I am glad to see you

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Dear Cokbod, this is an excellent poem, very affirmative, Best wishes, John.