MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

For Honor

Crimson light fills the sky
As corpses laid ravaged in
Brilliant colors of armature
On this blood soaked land
We call our own

The scent of blood filled my every
Being, indulging my soul
With such adulation that I
Found it hard to contain
The overwhelming emotion of pleasure

A fallen warrior kneels before me
Facing the setting sun
His brothers, shedding tears of scarlet,
Shrieking out screams of silent terror
Beside him as he awaits his fate

I stood near him with my blade drawn
Leering down at a defeated man
What an honorable sight to behold
As honor is restored to him
By the fate he plunged into his being

The steel soaked with rice wine
Glistening in the face of death
A cherry blossom wavers in the distance
Captivating, her beauty is
Tears fell from our eyes.

Incense fills up my nose.
A trophy to my victory,
I had in my grasp
One final glance to the Sakura
Before I walk away a taller man

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Comments (4)

Your words are inspiring. This is absolutely beautiful........marci.m. :)
A verily most eloquent work of art Michael. Vividly expressed.
Imagry upon imagry depicted here, an absolutely fabulous poem.-Melvina-
A timeless piece.... M, rare for me to make such a simplistic comment, but... I love this. t x