A Lyric Day

I deem that there are lyric days
So ripe with radiance and cheer,
So rich with gratitude and praise
That they enrapture all the year.
And if there is a God b\above,
(As they would tell me in the Kirk,)
How he must look with pride and love
Upon his perfect handiwork!

To-day has been a lyric day
I hope I shall remember long,
Of meadow dance and roundelay,
Of woodland glee, of glow and song.
Such joy I saw in maidens eyes,
In mother gaze such tender bliss . . .
How earth would rival paradise
If every day could be like this!

Why die, say I? Let us live on
In lyric world of song and shine,
With ecstasy from dawn to dawn,
Until we greet the dawn Devine.
For I believe, with star and sun,
With peak and plain, with sea and sod,
Inextricably we are one,
Bound in the Wholeness - God.

by Robert William Service

Comments (9)

beaches swell with libido- -love love love that line, it sits in the middle of your haiku like a jewel
Very skillfully written to receive a bit of an outcry in the comments Jim. Do you know, I think you are pretty much right and I love every single word you have placed as each one plays such an important part in your masterpiece. 10 Karin Anderson
Short but with freshness of Spring season.
Seniors sometimes go to the beach, too, Jim... with their libido.... possibly with their Viagra too [I'm not at that stage yet - so please do not consider me an authoritative source on this! ] Difficult in Houston, the beach, I grant you! Like the contradiction/implication between the second and third lines! From the title, even before seeing the stanza arrive, I couldn't stop hearing an old Bristish crooner called 'Max Bygraves' singing his signature tune with a slightly jewish 'lilt' to it: 'When it's Spring again, I'll sing again.... Tulips from Amsterdam...', made just slightly more unsettling by the fact he moved in not a few hundred yards from where I used to live in Bournemouth, England! Tony
as picturesque as a Renoir painting.
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