Spring Day

On a day in early April
when parents are working
and doesn't have a clue
A girl in love goes to find
the boy of her dreams
They meet at this place
with no windows or doors
made of wood behind the trees
They sit and wonder
what will happen next
They talk and laugh
All the while the girl
is in her own little world
He asks her what's wrong
and she does not know
She worries about
what he will think or do
will he get what he wants
then break her heart
to find someone new
In the end she chances it
thinking love will conquer all
And they go upstairs
to find a more comfy place
And then it happens
they make love
for the first time
Its so special
and full of joy
She wishes it would last forever
but she knows that is not possible
He walks her home
but doesn't leave
until it's time for her parents to come home

On this day in the spring
A boy and girl
risked it all
for love of all kinds
and passion that never stops
And in the end
they won the love of the century
And gained more
love for each other
than ever before

by Kayla Taylor

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