(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Poisonous Words, Sinking Ship

You stand by watching silently
as I rake up the pieces of my heart
You tilt your head as if confused
as I stoop down to gather the shards
back to my chest
But some pieces are bent
and the puzzle cannot be completed as before
A different, demented picture it must now make
I move to sit, to stop and think and you,
you stay where you are
I fumble my heart in my hands
trying in vain to make everything fit
and with each wrong trial I feel
a stabbing sensation within
but detached, an external force
that afflicts me internally

Oh wait, perhaps that's just you

But you don't seem to grasp
just how much pain you have caused me
You watch me struggle and squirm
but your words still strike like daggers
And you question why I bleed

And I question why I stay

And I question why I love you anyway

I take the daggers to the chest with open arms
I drink your poisonous words
Because they are of you
And you sustain me

…and destroy me

So who lives and who dies?
My heart, my soul, my tormented mind?
I can feel it coming
like the smell of rain before the storm
The breaking point is near
I must cast you away to the raging sea of my sorrows
or else make you the captain of my ship
that sails through uncharted waters
and plunges to the depths to rest
in its dilapidated state

You and me together

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Beautiful poem filled with colour and fragrance of charming flowers during the spring season. Dialogue with tiny flowers is heart warming. Thanks you, Dear Poet.