Nostalgia (My School Life)

I remember the first day my mom took me school,
I was crying, I was scared and far from cool.

Wearing half pants
And hairs properly comb.
Was the first time far from home,
In loneliness did I sob.

I remember my first school friends
And the fun we shared.
Now I only know their names,
Looking for them everywhere.

I remember my primary classes
When I was so studious.
Mom teaching me, thoughts inculcated
That made me sagacious.

Enter the high school
When we did nothing but fun.
Mocking others, disturbing class
Standing out in the sun.

I remember the first time i fell for love,
When everything was beneath
And my heart above.

I remember the girl who had my heart,
Now I look on the malign time that took us apart.

I remember my teachers
I used to love and tease.
Now I know I can never have
Those moments I miss.

I remember the lanes,
The scent of my class,
The beautiful time.
I remember my exams,
Getting 5th rank,
The love that entwine.

I remember the praise,
Sitting close to a girl,
Our hot computer mam.
I remember my pals,
The samosa we ate,
And the chaat we ram.

I walk across my school
I see myself standing.
The dreams in my eyes,
The spark on my face.
Dreams which I am living,
Dreams I am cherishing.

Though I am alone,
For we all saw the dream.
Time has torn us apart,
Time has broken my heart.

I miss my friends,
I miss my joy.
I can’t help it but my heart cry.

My heart cries and my heart moans.
Will I ever relive my school?
All it groans.

No comes the reply
And I feel nostalgic.
Nostalgic about my past, my school, my life.

by siddharth soni

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