KP (Taurus / Ontario)

Spring Evening From A Window

Lavender rolls
over tumbling skies
As the sun skips home
for its curfew
Dusk settles in
with a touch of peach pink
and western horizons
of orange
The grass is now free
from the internment of snow
and is growing each day
with green flavor
and the nights grow warm
as the bird songs return
to trumpet the entrance
of Mays flowers
Sitting back I look
as the window paint
me this new world
and I think
this is a perfect springs evening

by Kevin Patrick

Comments (2)

This is a lovely poem where a spring evening is painted in glorious shades....! A sure 10 Kevin!
This is a wonderful reflection on the beauty of the evening Capturing exquisite moments like this in melodious words is superb poetry A great ten!