Poem Hunter
Spring Evolution
(1967- / Homestead, Florida)

Spring Evolution

Again the sun kissed down
Upon the newborn buds -
Forest branches start their cycles
Of awakening, every twig is greening
At the end, downward to another
Yearly ring recording
Atmospheric composition - the
Climate’s favorability - the transcript
Of greenhouse abuse

And our hands shake more pronouncedly,
Clutching flowers in the sun - dawdling, as if
This place and us were rivers diverging -
An epoch running our distant ways, so far
Along we no longer see each other’s banks

We’re there, though unfamiliar

Like the mighty elms surrounding us,
We begin anew - we accommodate the
Microscopic changes as they alter our domain,
As they accumulate -
So the end and beginning
Are truly incompatible, by design

Again the sun kissed down
Upon survivors, the eating dogs
Of winter hibernating now -
And those hollow forest hulks disintegrate
To nourish newborn buds
Of divergent evolution

*From the book: Vapours of Promise, ©2004 - ISBN 1-59526-352-7

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great poem, im thinking druid..............................................
Great title and wise words put to an infinite subject of wonder.