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Spring Flowers
ET (2nd of october (1992) / Ecuador)

Spring Flowers

i was out on my garden
watching the beautioful
spring flowers
suddenly i saw you walking
on the street
with a woman and a baby
and a golden ring on your finger
you saw me and didnt say anything
you just kept talking to the
woman beside you
i cant believe you dont remember me
the person that loved you
the person who tried to understand you
i was your girlfriend
and so many years passed by
now i see that u are married
now i see a big smile on your face
now i see that u created your own happines,
while i
was just waiting for u to call and tell
me that u love me
but, now all i see is that ive waited
to long, and now its too late for me to
start loving again
you might have thought that
i got married and even
had my own children
but if you would see me now you
would be dissapointed on me
because all i did those years
was looking at the spring flowers
and waiting for you.

Mad Milly

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wow..... very beauitoful and crazy! ! ! ! ! judt kidding i love it