Spring In Gippsland

The skylarks carolling o'er their breeding borders in sunlit sky above the Gippsland hills
And wildflowers in their billions fresh and blooming by hedgerows and by creeks and mountain rills
And magpie from high branch of eucalyptus fly down and attack every passer by
With nest to defend he feels quite aggressive for his young in nest he is prepared to die.

In South Gippsland in September in the coastal heathland the wattlebirds are singing all the day
And white eared honeyeater singing on the wattles and new holland honeyeater in his black and gold and gray
Call on the bottlebrushes and the banksias his harsh like notes one never could mistake
The feathered minstrels sing in Nature's garden all through the day till darkness from daybreak.

Were I a bard I'd write a song for Gippsland in September when pink blossoms bloom on the fruit bearing trees
And weather warming though temperatures quite pleasant a high perhaps of twenty two degrees
And grey shrike thrush a well known local songster chirp and sing at his borders all day long
And yellow robin seen and heard quite often and blackbird sings his old familiar song.

South Gippsland looks so lovely in September and growth is vibrant in the cool Spring showers
And the coastal paddocks looking lush and greener resplendent in their beautiful wild-flowers
And songbirds singing in Nature's wild garden it is indeed a pleasant time of year
And every day is one day nearer Summer when Spring is in the Southern Hemisphere.

by Francis Duggan

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