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Spring In War Time
(August 8, 1884 – January 29, 1933 / Missouri / United States)

Spring In War Time

I feel the Spring far off, far off,
The faint far scent of bud and leaf--
Oh how can Spring take heart to come
To a world in grief,
Deep grief?

The sun turns north, the days grow long,
Later the evening star grows bright--
How can the daylight linger on
For men to fight,
Still fight?

The grass is waking in the ground,
Soon it will rise and blow in waves--
How can it have the heart to sway
Over the graves,
New graves?

Under the boughs where lovers walked
The apple-blooms will shed their breath--
But what of all the lovers now
Parted by death,
Gray Death?

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Thj peom made me very sad: (
Nice poem, I liked the words. Death is more black than grey but ok
I found this poem to be quite solemn which is ironic in that Spring is supposed to be a lively, happy season. I love the use of the questions after each stanza; it made me question everything about the world we live in. The use of personification in this poem gives more depth into how we perceive the world as well. I feel bad for the soldiers who have lost everything they have ever loved. They feel hopeless and feel as if there is nothing left to fight for. I would just like to say thank you to all of our veterans, especially the ones who kept pushing through, even when they felt all hope is lost.