SC (14th September,1971 / Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Spring Is A Time For......

Take a new direction in the comforting light and enjoy
As spring is a time for renewal, recharge and refresh
Find and recapture your own inner strength and hope
And move forward with joy and peace in your life

Follow sunny path and create a beautiful rainbow
Organize your life and hear the laughter in heart
Bring others joy and connect with glorious nature
Allow your mind to absorb the truth of reality

Paraphrase your thoughts and color imagination
Soar into your own world and build ties with Lord
Turn life into momentum and pause when tired
Don't feel empty or peel away emotional layers

Create more memories and go on spiritual quest
Every life has a story to create and happily share
So enjoy this new chance to renew and recharge
Create beautiful memories and embrace the moment

Take a new direction in the comforting light
And praise God Almighty and find His grace
Collect God's blessings and brilliant bounties
And walk on the sunlit path to create rainbows

by Seema Chowdhury

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