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Spring Is Here

1st day of the spring
Sitting under the willow tree, listening to the birds sing
Lake not frozen any more
Alive again water rippling kissing the shore
Whistling wind passing by
Willow tree is kind of shy
But dancing and humming
Daffodils so pretty, stunning
Bunch of clouds chasing the Sun
Sea Gulls and ducks are bathing, having fun
Lonely eagle floating, way up in the sky
A pair of Canadian Geese just took off, said good bye
Lady, lady in blue, here I sit write love song for you
Pretty soon green grass will have lots of sparkling dew
Love birds will sing to the Sun at dawn
Sparrow will dance for the dews untill they are gone
Spring is here soon summer will come
Song is in the air, filled with sweet smell and hum

by Syed Karim

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