Spring Is Now In The Green Northlands

On the grassy bank of the old stream buttercups are blooming
And on the ditch by the Bohreen snowdrops in their petals of white
And primroses in their light yellows and bluebells so lovely and blue
Wildflowers that bloom in the Northlands that's just to mention a few.

Add to them the wild daisies and yellow dandelions coming to bloom
And geraniums in the Town gardens scent of a strong natural perfume
In the far northern Countries even far as the crow do fly
Wildflowers now bloom in the old fields under the northern sky.

Poets of the northern Countries inspired by the northern Spring
Of the green beauty around them they are inspired for to sing
On a stone in the river rapids dipper sings as he bobs up and down
From the bridge people can hear him on their way walking to Town.

Beauty as such one remembers old memories are slow to die
The mother hare calls to her hidden leverets as darkness crosses the sky
Such things one tends to remember despite the passage of time
The wild voices in Nature's wild kingdom have always inspired poets to rhyme.

Spring is now in the green Northlands and the swallows are back on homeground
And over the old fields at night time the male snipe is flying around
With his wings and tail drumming his mating call in fancy him I still hear
Oh to be back in the Northlands at this lovely time of the year.

by Francis Duggan

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