Spring Love

Like a Victoria garden, you’re the season of spring.
Sweetheart, you’re a love song in my heart to sing.
Just like an April shower, you sprinkle tender love.
You are as beautiful as May flowers, that I think of.

An angel in my atmosphere, for a heavenly kiss.
A melanochroi in my dream, at early dawn’s bliss.
In your arms, a calm feature nestles a lover’s moon.
The stillness of a mocking bird, sings out a lovely tune.

A weeping willow cradles us to a secret hide a way.
You are the beautiful rose, that I can hold each day.
In the sunny blue sky, I can feel a cool gentle breeze.
In my heart, you have a smile, that makes me freeze.

In a mountain spring, as we drink, our love flows.
A spring love will spread it’s wings as the wind blows.
We float upon a soft cloud as we take a lover’s flight.
Pretty spring weather makes everything a lovely sight.

by Namon Sellers

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