Spring Maiden Ways (Late In May)

There is still a bit of a chill,
Lingering in the air.
And old man Winter sits,
Wishing for more time his frost...
Does not seem to slowly disappear.
This time of the year to do so quick.
But from a distance he and others see,
A teasing dance through a Sun done.
To bud anew those barren places traced,
With blooming promises coming to erase...
Remnants of Winter.

Spring maiden ways,
Appearing these days to be young and fickled.
Giggling like a little girl playing hide-and-seek.
Wishing to be found to give up treats.
But suddenly turns around,
To trick with a retreat.
Knowing her warmth she could if wanted,
Leave without teasing a doing to pursue.

These days Spring maiden ways,
Can confuse those less dressed.
Believing Spring comes to reveal,
Not a cold shoulder left.
But there are times when Spring,
Would rather tease and not commit.
To deceive until she decides to quit,
Delaying her stay.
And for many this might not happen,
Before this is done to come late in May.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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