BH (07-30-81 / Buffalo, New York)

Spring Of Life Renewed

Where does life turn,
taking you where time moves out of control?
Broken and bleeding, life begs to be saved -
and only the scorn of the world answers back.
Ripped open, with organs exposed,
Life stands prostrate before ungentle eyes.
Heart slowing,
eyes tearing,
blood spurting, dark and viscous.
Muscles tensing;
veins collapsing -
Life dies only to be reborn,
hoping against foolish hope it is better than the last.
Hope can spring from that Life,
born mewling and screaming to be cared for.
A new Life to repair the last;
child-like Hope re-ignites the body.
Heart racing,
eyes drying,
blood flowing, deep in refilled veins.
Given a second chance,
You need to grasp Hope, holding her to your bosom.
Take the gift given to you and cherish it,
lest Fate, the ultimate judge on high, take it
from your neglectful hands.

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