Scars (1994r)

What can I say
to make her understand?
I never meant to turn away,
felt protective in spite of love.
She's the beauty in my life
and I would die if she walked away.
Yet in my silence she finds hatred,
for I'm too scared to say how I feel.

If I were a king I'd give it away.
If I were a pauper I'd steal for her.
If one thousand women sat at my side,
she would be the one I choose.
But how can you love someone,
when you are the one you fear?

So like a knotch in my arm
for every misfortune,
the scars of my soul
tell of days gone by.

by Patrick Wescott

Comments (1)

What is noticable about this poem is that owen employs the use of nature into this poem to intiate powerful emotion towards the aduience this very noticable in the first stanza where owen represents nature as calm and good this is particularly evident when owen gives an example of war in the field.....buttercups. This first stanza immediately intiates the calmness towards the nature how evrything is good but then suddenly owen changes this tone to more harsh this is particuarly evident when owen depicts the sky as opening up a fury, he uses poetic imagery to provide a wonderful example he is able to tell the audience about the sheer volume of people dying who ended up being knees high blood, in the last line Owen does compare it to dulce est decorum use of glory and honour