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Spring Sonnet
KMS (06/01/1990 / Hull)

Spring Sonnet

Poem By Khalid Mansour Saleh

My head is like a fresh spring day
Too many emotions, to express at the same time
The beauty of each one, forces the heart to betray
To keep these inside away from you is a murderous crime
How can I show you my true self?
When inside I can’t even tell
All I know is the doctor clean bill of health
But with melancholy no-one can really tell.
In this heart, there is a cloud, thick and grey
Like the fog rolling in over the sea
The misery loves the company of the price I pay
I feel as empty as the blossoming willow tree
So here I go away from here, hand on heart I will return
And with this I will return a flowering fern.

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