Spring Temple

Every sense alive, we make our way
Down the steep slope towards the rippled lake,
Brushing the foliage of multi-green
Abundant sage and grasses in our wake,

by Linda Hepner Click to read full poem

Comments (6)

This is an Imagist Poem. I'm sitting at my desk by an open window overlooking a lawn with trees and shrubs and a small lake on a night which is already early autumn. In other words, the imagery and mood in the poem and in my immediate reality face each other, mirror each other, amplify each other. That's one of the wonders of poetry - it finds resemblances between things distant and near, and thereby creates a doubled reality and makes an otherwise strange and foreign world familiar. To make the world familiar is one of the goals of poetry in my mind. So you can visit my SPRING TEMPLE and I yours, because in truth they are the same.
Out of the poems of yours that I was browsing, I felt that you used the most breathtaking imagery in this poem. Very nice. -P.J.
As I read this l could smell the crushed grasses and the scented pine as well. What a perfectly beautiful word picture. Well Done, Lilac
I made my way into your temple of words, feeling quite ecstatic. Susiexxx.
I feel as if I've literally just walked through this lush panaroma, Linda. Powerfully-painted piece of writing. Love, Gina.
I don't usually enjoy nature poems - but this was delighful. All the best of Linda - great imagery, careful use of language. I suppose that'll be a 10 then. Hugs Anna xxx