(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

Spring Up

How beautiful that you are and,
How wonderful is your place of love?
My shepherdess in the land of love,
Please come to me with your love.

The bridal week,
Please do not leave me lonely;
For i can't sleep at night alone and,
I need to get close to you my love.

I don't know what i am waiting for in this life but,
I will not give up on my dreams to become your partner;
But i am now on my way to the Red Sea so,
Do sprin up oh well of love and give me some water!

I am very thirsty for your love and,
I will be beside you like the waters of Meribah!
As white as snow and as black as coal,
As red as blood and as deep as love,
For i am along the route of the red sea to find my lover;
And with the hope of my dreams and the efforts of my search!

Of the first ripe fruit of your love and,
Of your vintage of love which shall last forever!
Because, your threshing floor is like the time of the sowing.

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