Springtime In Emerald

Springtime in Emerald the white backed magpie singing
And o'er the lush and green paddocks the bush lark's voice is ringing
The mountain gums bask in the sun, the wattle trees are blooming
And breath of mountain air is sweet with Nature's own perfuming.

No black clouds over Emerald the Winter days now over
And when night cloaks the silent hills I hear the spur winged plover
He sings his love song to his mate from August to November
My boyhood days in Emerald I ever will remember.

Springtime in the mountains and shades of night are falling
And in the woods the darkened woods the hunting boobook calling
I close my eyes joy in my heart it bubbles like a fountain
And I am miles from Sydney Town and back home in the mountains.

Springtime in Victoria the Summer days are nearing
And in the lush green paddocks the wildering flowers appearing
The daisies and the mountain flowers they blooming close together
Oh to be back home in the hills in mild October weather.

by Francis Duggan

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