Springtime Magic

Poem By Marilyn Lott

There is so much magic in springtime
As our landscape begins to wake up
Much like a warm delicious coffee
That we sip from a special coffee cup

Little sprouts pop out of the ground
Oh, what did I plant last year?
Often we get a big surprise and
It's so pretty that we may shed a tear

Trees that were naked and quite ugly
Begin to have a fuzzy green
For leaf buds are really excited
To open in springtime it seems

I love this time of year and without it
It would be ever so tragic
Nothing makes me happier than
Mother Nature's Springtime Magic!

Comments about Springtime Magic

Love is in the air every time you write about Mother Nature, my dear friend Marilyn! Beauty and Talent is clearly filtered through this colorful and well crafted write! You are one of the best poets in this site and the World! 10+++ Thank you for sharing this masterpiece and for all your valuable comments made from my first postings to my most recent ones! 10+++ Well deserved! God Bless You! Love and peace for always! Your true friend from New York City, Romeo... http: //www.romeodellavalle.com (My Visual Poetry webpage, you are welcome to check any time)

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