EBM ( / Milwaukie, Orlando, USA)

Springtime Splendor

The sunset is easing over the hills
Lavishing the trees with it's beauty;
The glow of the skies gives a thrill
The sunset dresses the earth truly.
Daffodils are closely clustered in love
Others are wilted by the drafts of wind;
The lilacs seem to color the sky above
While joyous hearts and beauty are akin.
The golden sky emits dimly the foothills
Gleaming stars shimmer in their evening dress;
The shades of the trees touching the window sills
While all nature recedes to their evening rest.
What a glory! To see the full moon rising
And one sees the comet travel in the sky;
Is all this march of the sunset surprising?
This grand procession need not pass us by.
Shining brilliance from glory spill
Down on your floral garden space;
Beauty enraptures the sunset thrill
The mountain leaves hanging like lace.
There are valleys with their yellow and red
Draped around it's borders, with a strand that glow;
Revealing it's coat of green and silver thread -
It is sunset, yes sunset, this we know.
Now ponder the joy in all your experiences
And then, think of the robin's lovely nest;
How carefully they sing with assurance -
Too, the squirrel is perched at it's best.
Now, since I have watched the sunset leave
Tuck yourself away, and go to sleep;
In exotic streams of beauty now believe
On arising, your strength of joy shall leap.
Then the buzzing of cars rushing down the way
Shades are pulled, doors are tight with lock;
Opportunities are engaged for the coming day
The creator, shall with your provisions knock.
It is time for nodding, while the hills are dark
Yet graced like velvet curtains hanging still;
The breezes softly brushing yet with a spark
Beneath the leaves, creatures sleep on the hill.
May the splendor of His springtime be a message
Why not rise up through the beauty of it all;
Take the mastery of his painting as a lesson
Quiet thine heart and ye shall hear His call.

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