(04 October 1943 / Germany)


A wombat lays his daily turds
up on the roof to scare the birds.
And since the droppings are quite square
thus visible up in the air
they also keep the frequent lightning
designed by God to be quite frightning
to wombat children in their log
(they often have a tenant frog)
away because the thunder sound
comes only when the ground's been found
and squares can never quite attract
God's wrath, I'm telling you a fact.

So, do not think it would be odd
that roundness marks the lightning rod.
No wombat ever drops his poo
in public places or the Zoo.
Down Under is the wombat's home
they do not live in York or Rome
the world, as does concern the square
already sports its own fair share.

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i laughed my first laugh aloud...the first one in a month i think