BZL (8/8/76 / Chicago, Illinois)


They sit around and wait.
Waiting for an adobe, seemingly vacant.
Sometimes there are others, presently there.

Familiars and unfamiliars, depending on the state.
Climbing in through the broken windows; consequently, claiming a stake.
Sometimes, you feed them through your weaken care.

Once they have been discovered and they fight for rights to stay.
They eventually are evicted from freely ruling your home; without permission of a return date.
But they had become so content with the space, they hide and waited; near.

Claiming that you'd make the same mistakes,
You may throw a pity party, commit to misery and/ or needed a date.
So there they are back in there, unwelcomed but welcomed space; dwelling without fear.

by Bree Z. Love

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Bree, such an interesting write👍👍👍