Squeaky Clean And/Or Bleeped

Why do folks play childish games to pest?
Those older ones play them,
And should give them a rest.
You would think by the time some one is 55,
They are more interested in being 'real',
Than handing out a bunch of old tired 'jive'.
No wonder the kids have lost all respect.
There are adults who still think,
'They' are the ones breasting feeding home in nests!
There are more mature children than there are grown 'peeps,
These days.
And maybe that's why those accused of being molesters,
When the 'children' are the ones stalking older folks...
And they are the ones who should be charged,
For being the sleazy, sneaking creeps!
The 'real' old people are home alone and jealous...
Seeking ways to get reality,
Squeaky clean and/or bleeped!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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