Poem Hunter
(June 24,1961 / Naga City)


What a soothing breeze
In a morning dew
Wind kisses your cheek
While trees watching by.
Birds sing out of their cadence
Their tune mingled at
The morning light…
I was rushing home a flight!

Sleepy heads, sleepy tune
Caress the innermost fumes.
As like a swarming bees,
A buzz hike the plain:
Simple sight allures
And the wind tamed
The sizzle.
Let no hook thistled a zoom
Beyond the warming glade of fumes.
And my plume rode a highway
In my plane paper and words were ecstasy!
I hanged out my silence squirming
As I was bound pesting the haze…
I fall down in a long journey of flying
And was victimized by my own dream.

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