St David

What St Patrick is to Ireland St David is to Wales
Of his life some factual stories and of his life many tales
Are recorded in history in Pembrokeshire a Village in his name
And the Cathedral of St David in honour of his enduring fame.

March the first is St David's day when the Welsh celebrate
Their renowned National Patron Saint the one born to be great
He lived in the sixth century or so it has been told
And he lived to be one hundred at that time very old.

I worked on the potato fields of St David's a few decades ago
And about the famed Welsh Village a little I can profess to know
The Patron Saint of their Country was Pembrokeshire home grown
And the people of St David's proud to claim him one of their own.

In flights of fancy I hear the songbirds pipe by the northern shore in Spring
And the bells of old St David's how pleasantly they ring
As they summon in the faithful to their Patron Saint to pray
In Britain's smallest City in Pembrokeshire far north and far away.

by Francis Duggan

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