St Leonards

A beautiful place to live in for a long stay
For the quieter life and there grow old and gray
Or even for to visit or a short holiday
St Leonards by the ocean from where i live far away

No matter your color black or white or brown
You will find St Leonards quite a welcoming Town
The people there do not differentiate between nationality or race
They do make St Leonards quite a welcoming place

Every year St Leonards by the sea more new friends does gain
And many return to there to visit and holiday again
For it's hospitable people it has become known far and wide
The people of St Leonards in their Town take great pride

In a Town where no factory chimney puff black smoke to the sky
The lure of St Leonards none ought to deny
Where Nature and humans live in harmony
In that unpolluted and beautiful Town by the sea.

by Francis Duggan

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