St. Mother Teresa (2)

How could the world ignore the poor in streets?
How could the world neglect the souls sans sheets?
How could the world revel in happy meets?
How could the world deny the suffering, sweets?

How could one live in affluence when most,
In poverty and misery, lives spent?
How could one live in skyscrapers and rent,
The shelterless and starved souls, the pavement?

How could one serve the Creator unseen,
By being stingy, cruel, selfish and mean?
How could one walk unmindful of the scene,
When neighbors looked famished, ravished and lean?

How can you hate your neighbor and love God?
How can you sin and yet escape God’s rod?
The world is not as good as it was made;
The good we do nevertheless can’t fade.

In deep waters, no one can ever wade;
To love your neighbor as yourself, God bade;
Mother Teresa listened to God’s call;
Maybe, life was to her like bitter gall!
But, Jesus would lift her when she did fall.

The dying souls needed at least a pall!
She hadn’t the money to buy from a stall;
Her ambition to serve the poor was tall!
The future looked gloomy and like a wall!

She prayed to God to give her all the grace;
She wore a smile and showed a pleasant face;
While Kolkata served as her Indian base.
She had the world at large, all in her gaze!

And she would come out of this virtual maze;
And she would turn on to a running pace!
She saw through all the mist and fog and haze.
God helped her to finish in style, her race!

Her message read, “Love God through fellowmen.”
The world can be better if not Heaven!
The world could be made for all more even
By her Missionaries of Charity’s-haven!

Dedicated to Mother Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity
by dr john celes, COIMBATORE, T.N., India

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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