St.Mother Teresa

She’s born in Skopje, in Yugoslavia;
And came to Kolkata to be a nun;
She chose to serve Jesus, through her brethren;
Most admirably, the world, she could stun!
She chose the poorest folks, the world did shun;
The diseased, dying, orphaned, downtrodden;
And turned her life to a phenomenon;
All life, she’s busy, always on the run;
Like a goods-train, pulling a wearied ton;
There was no turning back; Life was no fun!
And rose to be the ‘world famous woman’;
Her heart was full of love, her main weapon;
That caused the hearts of millions, so stubborn;
To turn towards God, in life, once again;
To feel loved, cared for and their souls reborn;
To realize the truth why one is born;
To feel the world is not yet so forlorn;
To live in dignity, see one more dawn;
To sleep soundly, well-fed, until the morn;
To heal their minds and body-parts, some torn;
To die peacefully and Heaven adorn.

most affectionately dedicated to Saint Mother Teresa
by Dr. John Celes, Indian Doctor Poet Valentine
1633, Trichy Road, Near Red-Fields P.O., COIMBATORE., T.N. INDIA

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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