St Patrick Brought

St Patrick brought religion through Christianity to Ireland personally i cannot say this was a good thing
But mine is only one opinion since many in Ireland his praises do sing
Some Christians in Ireland to each other are hostile on the Catholic and Protestant divide
And far too many people in Ireland over religion and geographical borders have died

Patrick was brought as a slave from Britain to Ireland his history by now is known well
It is claimed by Christians that he saved the then Irish pagans from an eternal after Earthly death life in hell
And he did it with a three leaved clover a shamrock by name better known
One could say that of such stories that many myths and legends have grown

There are religious wars in many parts of the World mostly involving Muslims and Christians and Jews
And murder and maiming through shootings and bombings nowadays every day in the news
But one cannot blame the gods of religion for such foul crimes they are not to blame
It is soulless religious fundamentalist mentally disturbed criminals who commit such terrible crimes of shame.

Which does bring me again to Patrick brought to Ireland as a slave to be a herd boy from Britain his home
Who converted the Irish pagans to Christianity and was later canonized as a Saint by the Bishop of Rome
Doubtless Patrick was a saintly person but how was he for to know back then
That religion that is responsible for many good people can make monsters out of some men.

by Francis Duggan

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