St Patrick's Day

Above the fields by her old home the dawn breaks cold and gray
And the peace of the morning is disturbed when the brown donkey bray
But she doesn't think of her Homeland thousands of miles away
As she walks home up from the beach on the feast of St Patrick's day.

Her neck and face and legs and arms are brown and heavily tanned
From the sunshine and the coastal breeze of this warm Southern Land
She could not live in Ireland now due to lack of sun shine
The warm weather and sea air it seems to suit her fine.

St Patrick's day a festive day on the streets of her hometown
The people wear their shamrocks and the band plays up and down
And merry making in the pubs all day and all night long
As they celebrate their Patron Saint in beer and dance song.

The sun has set red in the west above the quiet bay
And around the street lamps the gray moths they flit and seem to play
And she feels happy with her lot she's here for the long stay
And she doesn't think of her homeland though 'tis St Patrick's Day.

by Francis Duggan

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