St Patrick's Day In Koroit

St Patrick's Day in Koroit at the Mickey Bourke's Hotel
The publicans Bruce and Wendy for themselves doing quite well
The staff rather busy with customers glasses to fill
To any publican it is a nice sound indeed the constant ring of the till

St Patrick's Day in Koroit there is laughter, music and song
And to the music the happy patrons sing along
To the musical groups Rusty Bucks, Wednesday Whistlers, Tommy, Tuddy and Mick and Cill Airne taking their turns on stage
In Koroit the musical taste to it does not have an age

In Koroit on St Patrick's Day the favorite drinks dark Guinness and green beer
In Mickey's Bourke's and the Commercial Hotel it is a day and night of drinking, laughter and cheer
Laugh and the World laughs with you as the wise one does say
In Koroit it is like this on St Patrick's Day

A day of celebration when old friends do meet
In the pubs on Commercial Road Koroit's longest street
St Patrick's Day only does come once a year
The sweet lilt of laughter a happy sound to hear

The Guinness is dark and the beer it is green
In St Patrick's Day in Koroit on March seventeen
The revelers party on until the evening late
In the Town of Koroit they know how to celebrate.

by Francis Duggan

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