St Patrick's Day Upon Us And The Irishman Is Broke

What I'm about to tell you is not meant to be a joke
St Patrick's day upon us and the Irishman is broke
His dole cheques not due till monday and for him three days too late
And on March the seventeenth this year he will not celebrate.

For the past few months he's out of work and times a little tough
And by the time the landlord takes the rent from him for food there's just enough
And he can't celebrate this year on the feast day of St Pat
Instead he'll watch the T.V. in his little basement flat.

On St Patrick's day down at the pub he'd drink all day till late
And he would buy his friends a beer and everyone his mate
And now that he is on the dole and doesn't have money to spend
He's found out what he had not known that he doesn't have a friend.

But being out of work for him a blessing in disguise
And he has learnt from his mistakes and he has grown more wise
He's learnt that the friends you buy in pubs with a whiskey or a beer
Not with you when the going get tough they seem to disappear.

St Patrick's day upon us some call it Irish Day
And the Irishman is penniless so home he has to stay
Last year he had money to spend and he stood his friends a beer
But when the going got tough on him they seemed to disappear.

by Francis Duggan

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