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St. Patricks Day
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

St. Patricks Day

Poem By Rachel Fogle

Oh, I the greenish far side,
The lovely mountains and hills,
Is the true nature of any Irish Man,
He and his fellow souls.

It's on our day,
St. Patrick's Day
That we in turn unite,
To share with all thee fine fellows,
A champions good-nite.

So cheers to the green pastors,
And all the creatures beyond,
For you will rarley see a Irish Man who
doesn't salute one and all.

Again, on our day,
St Patrick's Day,
We look to share and be free,
For it only comes upon once a year,
Along with the heavens and the springs.

So I bow to all who see me,
And toast to all who are around,
And hope to see you next year,
When St. Patrick's Day passes through our fine town.

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