Harry Potter

He will over come the drake magic

A boy named Harry Potter

Riding a broom and holding his wand

Remember that he is very important to us
You can always count on Harry Potter

Please don't feel like you are going there to meet him

Out and about with his to best friends

To the wand store to get Ron new wand

To the library to study all types of magic

Eating lunch and dinner at Hogwarts school

Riding off in to the night

by Autumn Rose Wilson

Comments (6)

can anyone interpret this please?
At first I thought: A poem about roaches? But is it really? How wonderful it describes our prejudices! Jew=Roach? , Negro=Roach? - we have certainly treated them as such. This poem should be read by anyone who thinks he is better than others!
Not altogether certain she is speaking of cockroaches. Muriel lived through both world wars and the liberation of Israel as a Jewish woman. Could her affectionate poem be directed toward those war mongers? Art is art in any way through - if nothing more it gives us the romanticism of subjection.
I think it's just a bit silly.
Tell me who you associate with, and I will know you. What a dirty woman you must have been Muriel. Creepy poem too advocating Sainthood for a roach, disgusting.
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