Stabbing Wound

Poem By Airik Angles

Something's not the same, something feels so wrong.
It's like a faded memory, it's like a broken song.

I don't know what it is, that makes me feel this way.
I will take a wild guess, for this I have to say.

It feels just like a stabbing wound, pressed against my heart.
Even when were together, it feels that we're apart.

Maybe its just the emptiness, of always left behind.
Searching for the sight of you, leaves me feeling blind.

You always say your sorry, for how you've done me wrong.
Those have become just hollow words, I keep hearing all along.

So there you are, now you know, how it's killing me.
To love someone who's like a ghost, who seems willing to set me free.

Comments about Stabbing Wound

Very touching
This is a poem of deep feelings, of enduring pain and burning passion. It touched me, so gave it 10/10 as it fulfills the criteria of a good poem. I wonder how this beautiful poem could have lain in this box for two and a half years without a single reader's comment!

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