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Stacey @ 15
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Stacey @ 15

Poem By Ivan Pine

Dear Stace,
I thought I’d do a birthday poem,
As you’re a special friend of ours,
And your mum is just too far from home
To share in all our bows.

You come and call to visit us
And you’re welcome any time’
Because you never, ever make a fuss
So as a guest, you do just fine.

Well it’s birthday time again Stace
Its time to take your turn,
For a walk down memory lane
And your ears, to slightly burn.

So cut your cake, and eat it too
With friends all gathered near,
And don’t feel in any way blue
Hip and Hip, Hooray we cheer.

Happy 15th birthday Stacey, Wendy & Ivy 2004

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a lovely poem in praise of a dear friend and without friends life is so lonely but this clearly manifests your feeling a fine poem