(5-28-42 / Washington state USA)

Stafford’s Little Jelly Factory

We took a little trip I know you’d love
It was several of my friends and me
A special time was had by all
When we visited a little jelly factory

The colors were so soft and pretty
They were see-through and so clear
Fruity flavors stood right out
Not only were they very sheer

And of course we got to taste them
So delicious and sweet to the tongue
If you could see our pictures
I’m sure that you’d love to have some

Folks will come from all over
‘Cause these jellies are so pure
And if you’ve got a problem, folks
Why jelly is always the cure

So Stafford’s Little Jelly Factory
Should be your very next ride
For no matter what possibly ails you
Scrumptious jelly will turn the tide!

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