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Stage Coach Of Fear

The Headless Coach came on its way,
It came by night and not by day,
It travelled quick and it travelled fast,
On reaching my door, paused and passed.

I did not dare to look it face to face,
So it went on with it's galloping pace.
That clanging sound continued on,
Soon it was o'er and then it was gone.

It was the phantom of the deepest dark.
But, as the light comes with the risen lark,
So does day change to dusk and on to night,
Again, I await that headless, hideous, ghastly sight.

The clock strikes twelve - the midnight hour -
When Vampires are in search of prey to devour.
While I alone, in dread with my fear,
That eerie, headless carriage, year after year.

One day I will face my fears, I know
And when I do, that coach will have to go.
Go it will, I pledge, and disappear from sight,
Then I will have won the conflict of the night.

Sleep will be mine; I will claim it in the end
As fear has never engaged me as a true friend.
Peace will come and it will be mine,
Freedom from all that is not real or genuine.

Mai Venn

by Mai Venn

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A wonderful sonnet, Mai. Thanks for sharing with us