VN (06-02-1979 / Bangalore)

Stages Of Love

The stages of LOVE

The I stage
Love is ecstasy
once tasted, its addiction
once addicted, no anti-addiction

The II stage
Love is taken and given
once taken, you r the prisoner
once given, you r the jailer
You and you r partner

The III stage
Love is only given but not taken
Love is sacrificed for others

The IV Stage
Involves all the above 3 stages
Love is expected from others
Love is given through freedom, Scarifice, taken, given...
but neglected by many

The river flows through mountains and valleys
and joins the sea.
The life is also like a flowing water
and joins the superme soul

so, let us all love the world
and leave in peace and harmony.

by venkatesh nagaraj

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All of this is true, the stages of love...