Staggering Down My Path

Poem By shannon pollard

live life learn lessons
realizing my blessing after all the stressings
and misdirection being a subordinate
having misconceptions about life maturing into a black man
always in someones shadow
no role model to model to emulate.
walking a narrow path in self-pity
nothing to have faith in
this ensnaring world can't be trusted
one day all this will deteriorate chopping my dignity into molecules
nothing last is eternal except God
relingquish my soul of His spirit
prayed for so long He never answered on my time
paitience wearing thin
young and angry at my lowest point puffing a joint
exhaling the holy ghost limited happiness
clouded by negatvity i cursed Him out everyday
when i was overwhelmed
He lifted my gifts that i was negligent to see
mistaken recollections reversed
not being analytical heaven and hell is transparent
xray eyes see what mind ejected from heart
after a decae not being faithful to self.

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