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SG (january third 1990 / lebadon, ohio)


Poem By sandra geisell

im in a forever sleep
blending in never standing out
im swimming n a sea of sameness
never will i stop my mind is in
a blur im waiting for the dreaded
day when it will go pop all i see
it isnt me i see purples and blues
but they are all the same it as if
a force came and took me from my
life out of my world im sending
signals for rescue but they dont
get threw the rain dosnt fase me this
world is no longer mine i have drifted to
far out past thje point of no return
the door has been closed no hero is coming
no mericle is there my fairytale is just a fairytale
the world is a blur from my sites i have
blend in to the back ground ive drowned in my own
ocean ive been killed by my own sea of
sameness theres no calling me baCK IM in a forever
sleep never will i wake

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