Stained Frames To Paint (Pictures Of Love)

Stained frames to paint,
Pictures of love...
Remaining with wishes often visited,
As they hang near windows...
Where love once witnessed,
Had been viewed as an accepted existence.

Pictures of love staining frames to paint,
Have now been covered with a showing of rust.
Aiding a dust that kicks up,
By those rushing to avoid conflicts...
Increasing around them to permit.

Stained frames to paint,
Pictures of love...
Remaining to hang near windows closed,
Can return again to depict outside...
What appears 'inside' to sometimes reminisce,

Frames were removed from aging walls to delude,
That which had once reflected as a 'normal' reality.
With a love claimed not to frame it,
But express it outside...
Where love unknown to most could see,
Shown displayed and untainted to reveal its paint.
Or an attempt to keep it exclusively.

'I accept your 'hello'.
But why do you request from me a hug? '

~I am in need of one.~

Let's make it quick to get it over with.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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But express it outside with the muse of life. Nice work.