Stained Glass Windows

--------------------Visual Illumination--------------
My mouth dropped and fell in Awe---- One man’s imagination of time and place,
-----small panels of dyed Gothic Glass---
" The Church Triumphant "
Taken from the " Book of Revelation"-------- -------------------The huge circular medallion------------
captivated my eyes!
An optical puzzle, only transparent to few---
---over 10,000 pieces of Kaleidoscope jewels--- Iron greens, Cooper reds, and Cobalt blues
Renaissance---of Sweat, Blood, and Tears!
----------stained rose colored windows-------------
forming a sparkling wall chandelier. Such a beautiful Biblical scene,
---------A clock, A riddle-------------
Jesus Christ standing in the middle,
in a monument at Washington D. C. Prismatic reflections when the sun rises—
God’s Son shines on Cathedral pews.

by Carol Ann Woods

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