AL (May 02,1969 / Havana, Cuba)


Secrets, emotions, feelings, thoughts things from the past;
Pain, stains, a cascade that never ends;
A voice within that consoles my stress,
Darkest moments, fear present, uncertain future awaits,

Searching for answers I don’t understand,
Open wounds that won’t allow to trust, to love again;
Sleepless nights, empty thoughts, no goals, visible ghost, I can’t hide;
No visible lines in the palm of my hands;

The anxiety of hopping the truth finds its way,
Thinking the worst instead; “This is now my path, I understand”
Storms of desperation and despair will pass; hope is my only faith;
The end has come and a new one begins,
Praying that my future is not dark as the past has been,
Sharing pain with my pillow soaking it all in;

Deep cuts start to heal;
With a simple touch, with a single smile;
What was dark has sunshine instead;

The tenderness overcomes fear, fear turns into courage,
Something beautiful gives birth to another day,
No more tears no more pain; No more nightmare in my bed;
Only thoughts of tomorrow knowing love with no sorrow,

The stain is gone and only a faded mark is in its place.

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I hope you found a resting place. Painful poem, with some light around.