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Stairway To The 7 Heavens
AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

Stairway To The 7 Heavens

A fallen angel fleed from the second heaven
Where he was imprisoned waiting for final judgment
Blinded by light after abiding in complete darkness
He flew to the third heaven escaping by a miracle a river of flame
He faced 12 walls encircled the fourth, and climbed higher
The fifth was a desolate void of fire and smoke
The stormy snow ridden home was the sixth
He couldn't reach the seventh heaven, and fell down
He found himself on the sixth earth that looked like hell
And stood before the gates of the shadow of death
Shiver went up and down his spine, and he fainted
He was picked up by the Virtues: Michael and Gabriel
Who put him upon the first heaven bordering the earth
He had to linger there to gain spiritual faith to survive
Yet in his shattered heart he knew he belonged on earth

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